How Technology Is Impacting On Interior design

Epic -5 of the World’s Top Interior Design Websites

Interior design is a trending subject nowadays. People who seek to have a fancy home no longer focus too much on having huge houses. Rather, they get more involved in the fun and creative world of interior designing.

Interior design is more than just arranging aesthetic things together. It is about carefully placing crafts and furniture together in an artistic and attractive way. Everything matters right from the colour scheme down to an individual position of everything. People need to apply a lot of brainstorming to come up with a good interior design. Here are website reviews of five well-known sites in the field of interior designing any of which can widen people’s creative imagination.

Wit&Whistle is created by Amanda Wright. Aside from the garden and home goodies she sells in her blog, Amanda Wright also writes inspiring posts about DIY projects, home decoration, photography, cooking, baking, gardening, and art. Her addiction in designing has inspired a lot of people to be creative not just in interior decorations, but also in other aspects of their life. People are getting driven by her unique brand of creativity at Wit&
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The creative mind of the award-winning author, Holly Becker, launched that started only as a small interior decorating studio. In this blog, she documented her inspirations in decorating and tried to reach people who share the same passion in the field. The way it makes its readers feel at home attracts more followers.
Because of its success, Holly Becker published books under the “Decorate” series. Now, has become more than a blog. It is now a versatile site, which gives ideas and solutions to every room of a house that fits different kinds of budget. It also offers marketing deals with beginners in interior design. is a fun website about remodeling and repurposing IKEA products. It began in 2006 when the founder was looking for IKEA product hacks. He discovered many amazing ideas scattered on the Internet so he thought of putting them together in just one site. He gathered all the creations of IKEA hackers around the world, hoping to give alternative ideas to IKEA products. People who love great hacking experiences will find this site useful in creating or recreating the design of their home.
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People who are tired of browsing lots of magazines for home improvement ideas find as the right place to go. is a community of over 40 million homeowners and interior design professionals that provide a portable library of quality home photographs. It helps people to get their creative juices flowing by showing ideas and ways of visualizing elements, perspective, colours and lighting. Users can have links to create and save their personal “idea book” for future reference.
Design Milk is an online magazine, which provides posts about what’s new in art, interior design, home décor, furniture, architecture, fashion, and technology. Their posts are provided with direct website links where people can inquire directly. Their website also has regular columns and features that are entertaining and informative at the same time. Because of its fresh design finds, many magazine editors, entertainers, retailers and designers read and admire