Guide to Choosing Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks You Can Be Proud Of

In most homes, the kitchen is often designed in stark white. The walls, especially, are often plain and boring. Not a lot of people are aware that they can give the kitchen some personality by installing acrylic kitchen splashbacks. These are panels installed at the back wall in the kitchen to make it look more appealing. The kitchen does not have to be in plain, boring, flat wall colours. It can be as funky as you want with splashbacks like those at Splash Acrylic.
acrylic kitchen splashbacks
What is acrylic?

Acrylic is a type of plastic made from PMMA or polymer of methyl methacrylate. This material is widely used in different industries because of its many desirable characteristics. This material has exceptional clarity, making it very versatile to work with – colours and prints can easily be added to it. The material also has excellent optical properties, allowing different kinds of designs to be worked into it. It also has exceptional weather resistance, making it durable.

Acrylic is also often used as a substitute for glass. It has the desirable qualities of glass but without the fragility. It also much lighter, making it easier to handle.

Other great qualities of acrylic include:
• Excellent resistance to wear and tear
• High clarity
• Exceptional resistance to impact
• High resistance to heat
• Satisfactory resistance against the negative effects of heat
• Hard but not brittle
• Excellent strength

What can you expect from acrylic splashbacks?
Acrylic splashbacks have a high gloss finish that gives a more attractive appeal. These are made with a coating that’s extra hard and more scratch-resistant than ordinary glass. This feature makes acrylic printed splashbacks the perfect material for commercial areas and busy households. It is lighter than glass, about half of the weight of glass of the same size.
In addition, customers get to choose from a wide array of stunning designs. These are easy to clean, too. Just wipe and the splashback is back to its clean, shiny and stunning look.
The splashbacks come in a 3mm-thick or 5mm-thick panels. Customers get to choose the type that best suits their needs.
Customization is an option. The sizes can be as large as 3 meters by 1.2 meters, depending on the needs and preferences of the customer.
Handling is much easier and there is no wastage. Trimming and installation are easy. Just apply glue and stick to the walls. No need to use messy grout.
The images on printed splashbacks are bonded to the panel’s back portion. Designs and overall structure are greatly improved. The image’s colours are well-protected to make the vibrancy last longer.
The panels are resistant to mold and chemical damage. This makes them easier to clean, resulting in more hygienic surfaces.
Take a look at the different key benefits of some of the most popular kitchen splashback designs available: Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks

Colour Splashbacks
This line offers an array of colours ranging from cool vanilla to bright, lemony yellow hues. There are more than 80 colours to choose from. These colours can add more life to the kitchen. You can use a single colour or mix-and-match different coloured panels to give more oomph to the room. These stunning colours can give an old kitchen a new and more exciting vibe. It can turn a kitchen instantly homey and inviting.

These effects are not achieved with solid colour panels. These panels are also prone to lose their vibrant colours in a short time because of exposure to wear & tear, heat, and humidity.
The colours are bonded at the back of each panel. This gives the high gloss effect on the surface, making it look stunning. The colours show clarity and depth, making the panels look interesting even without any fancy designs. This also protects the colours from the wear and tear of kitchen life. The outer surface serves as a protective layer that keeps the colour from getting directly exposed to chemicals and abrasion. It also protects against heat and humidity, which are constant threats to any polished surface.
The acrylic is transparent, backed with opaque hues. This gives a richer visual experience because the coloured acrylic splashbacks look dynamic. This gives an uplifting effect on the room. The colours are bonded permanently to give a beautiful finish that lasts a long time. Vinyl colours run from one edge to the other.
The panels are very durable, with 10x the impact resistance of glass. It is easy to install and handle because it is half the weight of glass. These panels are made to order and are cut to the customer’s specifications.
Materials used are of excellent quality. Customers get a 20-year guarantee for all of the indoor installations. This kind of guarantee is not available anywhere else.
It is best to avoid installing the panels directly behind hobs for gas cookers and a registered tradesman can always ensure best installation.

Printed splashbacks
Printed splashback panels have images that give personality to the kitchen. You can choose from printed collection of different images. The collection is constantly updated and improved to cater to a wider audience. The images are printed and bonded to the back of made-to-cut panels.
You can choose from a collection of images. Once the choice is made, the panels are cut to your specifications and the images are printed. Then, these images are bonded at the back of each panel. The collection of images is constantly upgraded to offer more choices and to cater to different tastes.
Check out some of the most popular images and see if they will fit well into your own kitchen.

Nature Scenes
Choose from serene scenes like blue mountain ridge against a deep red sky, the bright and fiery orange hues of hot desert dunes, royal purple hues of a lagoon or the pristine view of the clouds reflecting sunlight. There is also a fairy-tale forest view in shades of grey.

If you want a more modern vibe to the kitchen, you can choose from different urban views of cities from all over the world. There are the ever-popular different New York skylines, the wonderful London city view with the sunlight slowly creeping over the city. There is also a stunning view of Paris at sunset, with the Eiffel Tower prominent in the foreground.
Can’t choose? You can supply your own favourite photo you want for your kitchen splashback.